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Welcome to our site! After many years of struggling to cope with the ups and downs of life and realizing how inconsistent and unreliable it is to seek comfort and joy from an external source like I had done for so much of my life I decided to look within. In my time of contemplation and self-reflection I discovered that I am my own source of happiness. I made a commitment to take control of my journey here on Earth and I awakened to the reality that every decision we make is one of LOVE or fear. I resigned myself to choose LOVE. We are all connected and it is easy to lose sight of this. My mission is to inspire others to choose LOVE over fear and to have this message reach as many people as possible. It's not always easy to make that choice. In fact, it's often very hard! Life is difficult. We are faced with daily challenges and feelings of not being good enough, not being appreciated, etc.. Within these struggles  lies an opportunity for personal growth.  Regardless of your gender, marital status, culture, etc...no one can take the decision to choose LOVE over fear from you. Herein lies the secret to our INNER PEACE.  I want to spread the message that LOVE TRUMPS FEAR at every turn. I want to shout it from the rooftop! My goal in building this company is to call on others to stand united as ONE people and help spread this message of LOVE. Let's help others remember that every day is a gift and that we are all truly ONE. Our decisions impact not only ourselves but just like a pebble dropped into water ripples and reaches far beyond its initial landing our actions and words do the same. A simple smile to someone who needs it, an act of kindness, doing the right thing even when no one is looking...these actions have a much greater impact than many of us realize. Glance at our collections and find one that inspires you to share our message. Help us spread LOVE and be a reminder to all that...LOVE TRUMPS FEAR.



* A portion of our proceeds is donated to a local charity.   THANK YOU!!!!

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